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Archival Description for the Florida Center for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease

Welcome to FL CURED, the Center for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease. FL CURED is a statewide center funded by the Florida Department of Health, and resides in the Florida State University College of Medicine. The Florida Legislature’s intent was that Florida:

  1. strive to become the nation’s leader in biomedical research,
  2. commit to finding cures for the most deadly and widespread diseases,
  3. coordinate efforts among the state’s private and public universities, research institutes, and the biomedical/biotechnology industry to discover cures, and
  4. expand the economy by attracting biomedical researchers and biotechnology businesses to the state.

FL CURED’s guiding principles are cooperation, collaboration, facilitation and coordination. We hope you will join us to help move Florida to the top of the pack in biomedical research and the translation of new findings to the clinic.


The Florida Center for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease (FL CURED) was created by the 2004 Legislature. The legislation followed a Senate Interim Report commissioned by Senate President Jim King that concluded there was a need for improved coordination, information sharing and reduced duplication within Florida’s medical research enterprise. To accomplish these goals, FL CURED holds an annual biomedical research summit, hosts this website and produces an annual report. FL CURED is operated within the Florida State University College of Medicine and is sponsored by the Florida Department of Health. FL CURED has a 16 member Advisory Council that guides FL CURED’s activities and recommends policies regarding biomedical research to the legislature.

Vision Statement

Florida’s medical research efforts expedite the discovery of cures that will relieve human suffering and premature death.

Mission Statement

To champion Florida’s efforts to cure diseases by engaging in activities that expedite the discovery of cures and promoting practices that accelerate the implementation of cures.